About This Project

Add some colour to your life and frame your most beautiful leaf, flower or paper art with Hueframe. Hueframe is a frame without a frame and has a striking appearance thanks to its colours and semi-transparent character.


Hueframe is connected subtly  by rubber rings and because of the absents of a visible frame you can even let your leaf, flower of picture stick out a bit. Its semi-transparent character and the present colours cause a beautiful spectacle of light and colour when you put the frame in front of your window.


Hueframe is available in the colours Transparent White, Bright Yellow and Azure Blue in the sizes small (148 x 105 mm), medium (210 x 148 mm) en large (297 x 210 mm). All Hueframes have an elegant black packaging and can be send via Post to friends and family.


Hueframe is designed by Studio Carmela Bogman and is developed together with the Pocket FlowerPress. All designs by Studio Carmela Bogman are produced in The Netherlands with lots of love and attention and make people aware of the beautiful nature that surrounds them.



Retailers The Netherlands

Amsterdam – XBank
Amsterdam – &Klevering
Den Bosch – Oerwoud
Den Haag – Wauw
Deventer – Hoge Ramen
Groningen – Folk Concept Store
Haarlem – Weidesign
Hilversum – Boekhandel Voorhoeve
Roermond – HEJ Store
Rotterdam – Pomme de Jus
Rotterdam – Stek
Son – Bijzondermooi
Terschelling – Vloedlijn
Tilburg – KadeLiving
Zutphen – Feeling Goods


Retailers Abroad
Essen – Wohn Gemeinschaft
Wilrijk – den atelier van Amandine
Zwitserland – Tarzan
Dresden – Art + Form
Villingen – Teema
Salzburg – Ivo Haas
Innsbruck – Jeggle
Nurnberg – Claudia Kirchner
Wurzburg – Litenlycka und Jac
Salzburg – Bindestelle Meisterfloristik






Frank Nagtegaal