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Seize the day with your Pocket FlowerPress designed by Studio Carmela Bogman. The Pocket FlowerPress is a mobile flower press that you can bring easily on all your outdoor activities. To pick your most beautiful flower and treasure it for eternity. Lots of fun to discover nature together with your friends, children or grand children. Its handy size makes it easy to put it in your jacket, your bag or your pocket. It is the ideal gift for everybody that loves flowers and being outside.


The Pocket FlowerPress is a mobile flower press made of semi-transparent plastic with a booklet in between to act as press. After the flower has been pressed it can be used as a frame to display your flower. The milky colour of the frame gives the flower a beautiful and soft appearance.


The Pocket FlowerPress is available in the colour Ghost White and Pink Blush and is equipped with an elastic cord that makes it easy to tighten your flowerpress. The Pocket FlowerPress is 148 x 105 mm en can be easily send via post to friends and family.



Retailers The Netherlands

Alkmaar – Zilte
Amersfoort – Blur
Amsterdam – XBank
Amsterdam – &Klevering
Amsterdam – Vent du Nord
Arnhem- VanMij
Den Bosch – Oerwoud
Den Haag – Wauw
Deventer – Hoge Ramen
Groningen – Folk Concept Store
Groningen – Terrarium Imaginarium
Haarlem – Weidesign
Hilversum – Boekhandel Voorhoeve
Leiden – WOW Duurzaam Design
Roermond – HEJ Store
Rotterdam – Pomme de Jus
Rotterdam – Stek
Rotterdam – Evernow
Son – Bijzondermooi
Terschelling – Vloedlijn
Tilburg – KadeLiving
Tilburg – Tien Tilburg
Zutphen – Feeling Goods



Retailers Abroad
Antwerpen – PietMoodschop
Essen – Wohn Gemeinschaft
Wilrijk – den atelier van Amandine
Zwitserland – Tarzan
Graz – MuR
Caen – Magasin Pur
Berlijn – Muoto
Dresden – Art + Form
Villingen – Teema
Salzburg – Ivo Haas
Innsbruck – Jeggle
Nurnberg – Claudia Kirchner
Wurzburg – Litenlycka und Jac
Salzburg – Bindestelle Meisterfloristik




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Frank Nagtegaal