About This Project

The City of Perm is about to establish a new address on the river Kama. The Embankment Park strategy is to seize and enhance existing en emergent qualities in the park.


The formal language of the landscape is inspired by one of the defining events in the natural calender; the breaking of the ice in Spring. The paths in the sloping grass planes take on the form of cracks between ice flows. Cutting into the topography with retaining walls a distinctive angular language is established which will become the signature of the Embankment Park, a design of Bureau Alle Hosper.


As a counterweight to the expressive angular forms the smaller scale furniture elements, designed by Carmela Bogman, such as benches and lighting are more modest and sober. Traditional Russian wood craft touches are added to these modern pieces to represent a proud local history in wood techique and decoration.





HOSPER, KCAP, Pirs/Polis