About This Project

The Busy Bee Hotel

Can you hear the buzz of spring? With The Busy Bee Hotel, you can!
The Busy Bee Hotel is an insect hotel designed for the wild bee. Its elegant appearance makes it suitable for every garden, patio or balcony. The combination of recycled felt and maple wood gives it a warm welcome for the bees.


Bee hotel
The Busy Bee Hotel is an insect hotel made of recycled felt and maple wood. The different corridors create an excellent environment which makes this luxury hotel irresistible for every wild bee! By adding this insect hotel to your garden you can help the bee in its survival.


The Busy Bee Hotel is available in the colours Midnight Blue, Soft Pink, Mint Blue, Warm Red and Green blue. This way there is a suitable colour for everyone. The lovely gift box makes it an ideal gift for every garden and nature lover.


The Busy Bee is designed by Studio Carmela Bogman with lots of love and attention. By purchasing one of more hotels you are supporting the Dutch manufacturing and design industry.