About This Project

Do you also have the feeling that time flies? That you can get that special holiday, that amazing music festival or that beautiful summer evening by the campfire barely to mind? Let alone remember the exact time and place?


Carmela Bogman and Mirjam van den Ijssel had the same problem and designed A YEAR TO REMEMBER. A calendar of which every month can be folded into a small container. This container can be used to store the memories that made the past month special. You can even exchange your container with a friend that made your month into a special memory.


At the end of the year you have a tangible memory of twelve containers. From now on you don’t have to dig for memories anymore, but one glance inside the container will bring you back to that pearl white beach or that wonderful birthday. A YEAR TO REMEMBER makes you experience time more consciously and makes sure that important moments remain a beautiful memory.  From now on every year will be A YEAR TO REMEMBER.


A YEAR TO REMEMBER is financed through crowdfunding.