About This Project

Heerlen used to be, thanks to brother Aloysius, the wellness centre of Europe. Unfortunately this all belongs to the past, but the heritage of brother Aloysius is still very impressive. To make sure this heritage doesn’t get lost. Is it important that the Luciushof and the Savelberg monastery get a more prominent part in history and the future.


By combining both gardens of the Luciushof and the Savelberg monastery and using them for harvesting, we want to keep spreading the knowledge of brother Aloysius. All the ingredients are already present namely the herbs, the water and the social engagement. The return of the bathing culture (Kneipp) will be represented in the shape of a bathing pond which will also function as a contemplative location for ceremonies.


The project Savelberg/Luciushof is part of the IBA Parkstad.



Stiumuleringsfonds creatieve industrie, Gemeente Heerlen, Inco+, IBA-Parkstad