About This Project

Studio Carmela Bogman designed a toolkit for Het Zakelijke Hart that ensures that the method of Family constellation is felt and seen. Business Roadmap makes your thoughts and feelings more concrete. Instead of just sensing, you can now literally experience and define your position in relation to others.


Family constellation therapy is a method that is applied in psychotherapy, in which the participant introduces a topic that he or she wants cleared up. The participant is the central figure looking at how he is influenced by the people that surround him and the influence this has on everyday life.


Business Roadmap is made of high-quality felt and consists of separate elements that form an abstract flower. The participant takes place in the middle of the flower and can experience how he or she relates to others. Because of the flexibility of the elements you can literally change the way you are positioned in relation to the others.


Are you interested in using Business Roadmap? Please contact Madeleine Boerma.




Frank Nagtegaal