About This Project

Furniture for public space mostly consists out of a long or short bench made out of steel or wood, preferably accompanied by a garbage bin and a streetlight. Contemporary public space, however, demands flexibility in composition and use. Furniture to scatter around; Single Scatter.


Single Scatter is candy for public space. The chairs and stools, made of folded stainless steel, are like sparkling diamonds on the outer space floor. With a coloured core as desired, Single Scatter can be combined as preferred and is weather proof and solid. Together as a cloud or in a straight line, the different compositions create the possibility for the user to sit close together or far apart, facing each other or turned away.


Single Scatter is a design of Carmela Bogman/HOSPER and is manufactured by Rots Maatwerk. The first hundred and forty Single Scatters were placed on the C-M!ne square in Genk, Belgium.


De Blauwe Kamer





HOSPER landschapsarchitectuur en stedebouw



Rots Maatwerk



Er is van alles te doen op de C-Mine in Genk. Kijk hier als je een bezoekje wilt brengen.